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🧀How does it work?

Our friendly couriers are delivering orders from our darkstores. Darkstores are similar to markets with same shelves and refrigerators. Orders are being prepared during 5 minutes and it takes additional 10-20 minutes to deliver them.

🥑Fast delivery:

It doesn’t worth wasting your time on going to the market because now market is in your phone. Sometimes our delivery is even faster than your visit to the market. We are constantly opening new warehouses to make our delivery more prompt.

🥖Freshness guaranteed:

Our dedicated team checks goods four times a day to ensure they meet the high standards. The refrigerators and freezers in darkstores maintain optimal temperatures for all perishable and frozen items in order to keep the freshness of all products.

🍪Cashbacks and campaigns:

It’s always advantageous to shop with us. You can find lots of deals and all of these is now in your phone.

For our couriers:

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Become a partner of Indi and start earning today. Your salary does not depend on deliveries and you are not being fined. You will be paid even if there are no orders.

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